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450mm Rafter Mount Point of Attachment Bracket – NSW Approved CI3B1R

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450mm Rafter Mount Point of Attachment Bracket – NSW Approved CI3B1R


– Suitable for single or three phase aluminium aerial service lines up to approx.30m in length.

– For exact details regarding required bracket strength ratings for particular applications, please refer to the New South Wales Service & Installation Rules, your local Supply Authority or Service Provider.

– For applications where the service line will be pulling on the bracket at an angle greater than 45° it is recommended that a “D” Rated double leg bracket is used to avoid twisting the bracket mounting

Fascia mount – for fixing to fascia under gutter. Must be bolted through hardwood noggin of adequate strength fixed between rafters directly behind fascia board or using Clarke fascia support bracket (Part no. CI SB1/LH or /RH) M12 galvanised bolts required for fixing (not supplied)

Rafter mount – for fixing to rafters behind a fascia board and flashed around penetration through roofing material. 2 x M10 galvanised rafter fixing bolts supplied. For ease of installation see Ease of Installation Products

Our premium quality 450mm Rafter Mount Point of Attachment Bracket - NSW Approved CI3B1R products will cater to your emergency and daily requirements. Our products include exit and emergency luminaries, 450mm Rafter Mount Point of Attachment Bracket - NSW Approved CI3B1R, weatherproof emergency lights, low-temperature emergency lights and much more. As the best 450mm Rafter Mount Point of Attachment Bracket - NSW Approved CI3B1R supplier Australia, we assure that our products never let you down. Our weatherproof emergency lights and low-temperature lights that work for a long time and requires very low maintenance. We are the perfect match for both exterior and interior emergency lighting solution. Our affordable rates, great manufacturing designs, and quality will surely make your requirements fulfilled. We guarantee our customers that AGM will serve the best in the 450mm Rafter Mount Point of Attachment Bracket - NSW Approved CI3B1R market which you truly deserve.

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